HPRC Data Use Protocol

Human Pangenome Reference Consortium

Data Use Protocol – V1.0                                                                                                April 7, 2020

HPRC goals are to develop resources for the human pangenome.  These resources will include high quality reference genomes, a pangenome tool ecosystem along with annotation of the pangenome reference.  Investigators accessing the HPRC data for their research are encouraged to collaborate with the HPRC consortium whenever possible.  Please visit the HPRC web site for additional information.

Specific resource sharing plans are maintained by funded investigators of the HPRC and those plans follow the guidelines found at the following link:   https://www.genome.gov/about-nhgri/Policies-Guidance/Genomic-Data-Sharing/data-standards

HPRC data use policies are written for external users of the HPRC resources and HPRC investigators. 

External Users:  Publicly released resources may be used as soon as they are made available.  Users will not work to intentionally de-identify any of the HPRC resources.  Researchers who use the HPRC data are encouraged to cite the latest integrated HPRC publication and reference the accession information for the resources used in their publications. 

HPRC Member:  HPRC investigators are permitted use of the HPRC resources to develop their own interpretations, analyses, and tools while still being encouraged to work collaboratively with other groups to make the highest quality resources for the scientific community.  To facilitate communication, HPRC investigators should keep private within the consortium information that is fundamental to growth and progress.  This includes unpublished information learned during HPRC hosted events in which investigators give presentations, participate in discussions, and share results.

HPRC investigators must understand that data analysis will be conducted by HPRC analysis teams at the direction of working groups and the steering committee.  If an HPRC investigator finds that their own analysis is similar to work performed by other HPRC investigators, then this must be disclosed.  This disclosure may lead to a joint or coordinated publications.  It is important that new work by HPRC investigators not be substantially similar and/or perceived as competing with other HPRC investigators unless those already conducting the same work give their support.

HPRC investigators should respect the ability of the individual HPRC investigators to publish their own results in a timely manner.  If HPRC investigators chose not to publish on their results, then other HPRC investigators may approach them to find a path forward for publication.

See HPRC Publication Protocol for additional details.