HPRC Organization

Samples & Consent

Collect, identify and prioritize samples for inclusion; larger discussions about diversity within the project

Eimear Kenny
Karen Miga

Technology & Production

Coordinate data production; develop and optimize protocols; engage technology

Bob Fulton
Karen Miga


Generate and QC assemblies; methods development

Evan Eichler
Adam Phillippy
Karen Miga
Evan Eichler


Variant calling; pangenome framework; construction and tools

Ira Hall
Heng Li
Benedict Paten

Resource Improvement & Maintenance

Functional annotation; resolution of errors

Fergal Martin
Tina Lindsay
Valerie Schneider

Resource Sharing & Outreach

Resource sharing; outreach and education; browsers

David Haussler
Ting Wang

Administration & Coordination

Data release and publication policies, manage conferences, calls, minutes.

Lucinda Fulton
Ira Hall
Karen Miga
Ting Wang

Scientific Advisory Board

See detailed information in Advisory Board tab

Deanna Church
Martin Hirst
Bartha Knoppers
Matt Lebo
Sandra Lee
Pavel Pevzner
Bob Waterston

ELSI team

Barbara Koenig
Bob Cook-Deegan
Alice Popejoy
Nanibaa' Garrison