HPRC Publication and Data Use Protocol

Publication and Data Use Protocol | November, 2022

HPRC’s goals are to develop resources for the human pangenome. These resources will include primary sequence data, high-quality reference genomes, pangenome alignments of these reference genomes, a pangenome tool ecosystem, and reference annotation. The purpose of the HPRC data use and publication policy is to encourage collaboration and coordination among investigators while ensuring the scientific community's timely release of research and resources. The document provides the process for disclosure of planned publications within the HPRC through submission and general guidelines for non-consortium data use and publications.

Data Use

General Guidelines for Publication

Resolution of Disagreements

If questions or disagreements arise between investigators, they should resolve them together. The investigators may petition the Steering Committee to help resolve the situation if a mutually agreeable solution cannot be attained. The decision of the Steering Committee will be final, and all parties agree to abide by their decision.

Human Pangenome Reference Acknowledgement Statement

We would like to acknowledge the National Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) for funding the following grants which are in support of creating the human pangenome reference: 1U41HG010972, 1U01HG010971, 1U01HG010961, 1U01HG010973, 1U01HG010963, and the Human Pangenome Reference Consortium (https://humanpangenome.org/)


The HPRC Steering Committee needs to approve this protocol drafted by the Publication Working Group.

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