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Human Pangenome Coordinating Center

The Human Genome Reference Center at Washington University in St. Louis serves as the coordinating center. They maintain and update the reference sequence; support state-of-the-art reference representations; and educate and coordinate with the research community (including clinicians and basic research scientists).

Grant Number and Title:
5U41HG010972, WASH-UCSC-EBI Human Genome Reference Center

Genome Reference Representations Contacts

The Genome Reference Representations (GRR) projects support research and development for a next-generation genome reference representation that can capture all human genome variation and support research on the full diversity of populations.

Grant Number and Title:
1U01HG010961, The Construction and Utility of Reference Pangenome Graphs

Grant Number and Title:
1U01HG010973, Representing Structural Haplotypes and Complex Genetic Variation in Pangenome Graphs

Grant Number and Title:
1U01HG01963, K-mer Indexing for Pangenome Reference Annotation

Human Pangenome Sequencing Center

The High-Quality Human Reference Genomes Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz collects additional DNA samples from populations not represented in the current reference, including the creation of cell lines. They will generate at least 350 high-quality reference genome sequences, a subset of which will be finished, telomere-to-telomere genome sequences. The center also disseminates the data and works closely with the other Human Genome Reference Program components.